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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A lil updates,

So this is my story,
I am only turning 17 in few days time, & I am currently doing a foundation programme in Unisel directly after finishing my O'Level in Dubai.

Lots have changed since I started living my life back in my homecountry, Malaysia, almost a year ago .
Lots that are missed . Lots that are lost .
No more beaute sleep . No more sleeping at 9pm at night .
No more being a serious case of a shopaholic .
I've gotten myself horrible black eyebags , which is euww .
The mosquitoes all love me , & so my feet look ugly .
The changing of weather made my face worsened .
Gained tonnes of kg , is seriously a stressful thing .
I miss Sulaima Taji, so very much ! :(
& I just wonder what could actually make my day ?

I used to be this girl who would only boss around and knew nothing else except giving commands.
Doing house chores, isn't something I'd like to do . Cooking & baking is excluded though .
All the tidying, the cleaning, washing, ironing of my things& properties would be done by our maid.
& that was the main reason why my parents wudnt let me go abroad .
'You are still young and quite dependant'.
I didnt quite agree with that at first .

But then I realized, 'Well, no wonder my parents didnt let me go abroad . Look at your attitudes and guts of commanding' .
I then managed to make some changes . Tho there are quite a lot of other things that I'm still lacking.
But hey , at least Im trying my best here to make a change for a better :]

4:53 AM

Back to the zero .

Woah, Oh my god !
Seriously, a year plus had passed since I last posted some stories ?
Ah, how quick time flies..
I almost forgot that I actually HAVE a blog !

So i guess ill restart from the bottom .
There are definitely lots to be updated .
A year plus is quite a long time for a pretty long story .

Oh Bloggie, please dont be mad at me,
Ill surely try my best to keep you up-to-date with my crazy stories next tyme! [:
Heee ;)

4:23 AM

Friday, May 29, 2009

Been months since i last posted any new put-ups,
Things been pretty hard,
But yeah, We all need to move on.

to get over with the sad story,
lets talk about what happend tonite at mine,
Event; No specific Occasion
Time; 8 p.m
Venue; My house, Mirdiff.
Loads of people came over,
some cudnt make it, for eg;
fyd, he didnt even come :(
But yea, thought we were getting over the sad lines?

Okay so here what happend;
Nabila reachd sumwhere around 9pm and eventually forced me to eat with her,
though i didnt wanna take any meal for the night,
Since she pulled a face, i had no other choice other than grabbin a plate,
&& Not enough with forcing me,
She and aizad asked, 'is that all ur gonna eat? that's too little.'
ouhh, shuutup xP
-Its good enough that i had some xD
Whats with people?
I mean i eat a lot these days, not only that,
Nowadays i must eat at least one bar of galaxy chocolate everyday -.-
whata terrible choc-aholic. [sigh]
I GAINED weight people, open your eyes wide,
please dont make me feel good or whatever,
Id rather accept the truth tho it hurts,
The line ; 'You havent been eating well, cause you seem to be losing much weight..'
doesnt really help.. [sigh]

So anum reachd after we finished eating,
and guess what, She was literally high,
she didnt take anything to eat, but she had a pepsi,
guesss that was the cause.
We went outside, Nabila & Anum were pretty scary,
But this Nabila lady went wayy off the hook,
She was actually dancing with people around, tsk tsk tsk..
And the other pretty lady, Anum,
Just kept on laughing & laughing & laughing hard...
and after a while,
she popped a question, 'Why was i laughing again?'
Me && lily was like.. [wth?-.-]

[still lookin cute sweet, <3]
I was pretty tired and wasnt really well at the beginning of the day,
But with these crazy type of friends,
I'd forgotten the pain & the exhaustion.
After they were done with the hyper-ness,
We took some picture together,
It may be the last time with anum in dubai,
She's Leavin...
&& whats not fair is that she's Leavin before I do. -.-
huhu, anyhow, these are sum of the pics;

[Anum&&Fifi - Luvin the bag<3]

[With Nabila hun xD]

[Group pic - Lily's not in tho]
Once we were done with pictures,
They begged to go to my rooom..
I said no, cause my rooom is in SUCH a MESSS! :(
And yet, they still insist on hanging out in my room..
So When lily said the room isnt really messy,
I allowed em and plus,
Its anum's last few days in dubai ayte,
So.. :)
Its reallly fun to have friends like you guys,
- This anum Girl;
She is a very outgoing hyper-active girl who;
may seeem pretty fragile from the outside,
but her inner part is pure and very strong indeed.
Looks childish but she's more matured than some girls whose aged 19 but act like 12.
She has a pure nice heart;
&& to people out there, you know who you are,
FYI, this girl doesnt deserve to be treated in such an impolite way,
I fu**ing hate yu tho i dont really know why,
Doesnt mean when She's nice to you, you can play knitting her heart 'for fun'.
She deserves better people to be friends with.
BFFL sweets, <3
- Nabila Lady;
She's just like a sister to me, we tried to be there for each other,
eventho we're pretty busy with exam stuffs,
She's pretty inside and out,
She has the ability to 'force' people.
Can be really crazy at times xP
But with these qualities that i dont have,
are the reasons why i like them in the first place..
Always&Forever oryte? xD
& ohyeah,
last night i dreamt about people throwing surprise party for my sweet sixteen!
weird && iimpossible ryte?
My so called sweet-sixteen,
wudnt be as sweet as it may sounds.. :(
i shud be going to bed now,
ill try to update this thingy once im done with my IGs,
Hoping it wud end up great. :D

1:34 PM

Friday, March 27, 2009

[Addressed to Schoolmates:]

Unbelievable but true.
The time's almost here, the time that i never wait for.
The minute that pretty scare me,
The moment that oxfuck gonna leak,
The hours for hugs&&kisses,
&The occasion where you can hear goodbyes in the crowd.

And thats when I just cant let them go,
Yes, this is what i call life,
Eventually, everyones gonna go lead their life in their own way,
But at this point, Im just not ready.
This isnt the street I wanna go,
I wanna go straight but theres something wrong with the traffic light,
It stayed damn red that forced me to turn right
And at the end, I found out bout the Roadblock!
I know i cant go back and take a U-turn,
So I thought I needed to find a way using that same darn road.
I needed to dig in my brain to get all sorts of knowledge thats been hidden for long.
& thats exactly what I need.

I am scared,
I dont wanna let them go,
and yes to be frankly, it hurts.

Especially leaving Sue,
I just heart her the most,
&this isnt about favoritism,
But its just the way she treats me and the entrance with her introduction in my life.
I can feel the blood running out my ripped heart in a rushing flow.
I am gonna miss her like hell loads,
Without her,
Who's gonna call me cute no matter what i do?
Who's gonna hug me and tell me she liked the perfume I put on?
Who's gonna scribble on my hand?
Who's gonna try to make an attempt to make e'things possible for me?
Who's gonna say the brown eyeliner suits me the most?
Who can I call to solve problems in study?
Who will I feed Milky to?
Who would crave for my cornie flakies?
Who's gonna lean on my shoulder?
Who's gonna make me smile?
Who who who?! ;(
No one can EVER replace her.
She's right at the top <3
{Liyana said I literally cried when this was typed in}
which isnt true.

Sweet and caring,
Who sometime wants thing in her way,
but I am proud of her,
Cause whatever she wants, she'll make it happen.
She can be a real baby,
but thats not gonna stop me from luving her.
I remember when she told me one whole load of indian serial,
Hahaha, I had fun.
& im certainly gonna miss that.

Meera, Hurain, Sabrina, Zarnab, Cici, Hina:
The day feels incomplete without you.
You each carry a piece of entry ticket to the joyful day.
I am gonna miss yu!

And that;s about it,
Next post would be aboutmy beloved malaysian friends.
Btw, spring break starts,
then followed with study leave,
Teach-In day -> Graduation Day && Prom -> Farewell Party
&& finally cums IGCSE.

That's it for now,
I Misssh yu Ohhh Darlinkkks!
Iluvyuu! <3

10:05 AM

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ts been darn frigggin long tym since i last posted a blog!
Ahhh life,
No matter how hard it wud be,
I still need to take it open-handed.

this whole week was pretty exhaustin,
and seeemed as if its passin by real quick!
Mocks English Oral last monday,
The theme card i got was called as 'three wishes'
sounds easy, well kinda,
buh when Ms Nally started recording,
I go like uh-oh..
"Three wishes, ohh, first of all lemme share this,
when this card was handed to me I go like Woah,
this isnt sumthing easy to decide,
and sumthing that cant be taken lightly.
etc etc etc."
stupid intro! haha
Ministry Exams tuesday and wednesday.
Tomorrow's a - No-school day.
A day offf sounded like only an hour break.
Time's goin on reallly fast,
I dun even know where to start,
last time i remembered there was still 4 months till IG comes,
ohhh and now, im friggin shorta studyin moment.goodlord.
Only 2 months away from now!

lets not make this a really long essay,
lets talk straight as the title mentioned.

Things to do Before IG;
-Lessen shoppin moments
-Get A new friggin phone from daddy
-Have everythin scheduled
-Try as much as possible not goin out!
-and lets end it with STUDY agayn.

people say imma pessimistic.
maybe thats true,
buh im reallly scared,
whatif i cant prove my parents that i can actually do this? :(

neways lets hit the next list.

Things to do after IG:
-Hang Out Like loadssss
-Buy new laptop, phone, iPod, Psp
-convince mummy and daddy to go bak to m'sia a month later after em.
-Shoppa till yu droppa!
-Sulaima Plan A,B,C-Z [all plannned out]
-Get A boyyie! xP

that's all i could list out now,
will post new if i it comes on my mind.
which is pwettty impossible for me to come online and spend time on this.

mocks start on Sunday with my favie subject, physics
thats gonna make it a good start all the way till the end

thats it.
till then
heartyu, <3

6:50 AM

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well my New year's 12'oclock was the most amazin hour i've been through all my life,
Wishing people Happy 2009, chitchatting with dearies [Sue, Anum, Haziq, Fyd(sorrry xP)]
I had a remarkable start of 09.

here's a story, an amazing, exciting and fun story happened last nyt;
there was only 3 mins left when clock had its 'tick tock tick tock' to the very first second of year09.
One0'my bestfriends decided to mark a terrific last moment of year08.
She put a full stop to-having-to-write-asong!
Which later i had it titled as Best friend.

so here's the UNCOMPLETE song since we had not much time,
but it was enjoyable! xD

It's 3 mins away to another day,
ohhh , it's another yeaaaar!
to share this lonesome times with oh-my dearr!
So say it out loud and let it ring,
cause we're alll a part of every single thing.

With the smartest friend,
sacrificing times for me,
ur the cutest brand, lalallaa
so how cud i resist, dear huney?
u never let me fall,
ur always there to make me have a stannnd,
that's the reason, sue,
ohh- why I love you.

we'll be best friends,
forever && always,
cuz ur like a candle light,
where i used it at night
when it gets too dark,
so i need to escape && the exit door in you..
u are the air,
providing every second of my life with O2,
my life suffocates if i'm without u..

u told me ,
u love me,
with my giggle lightening up ur day..
very thoughtful and soft like a TEDDY bear.. yeaahh..
I Love u so much especially cause ur always there..
&& for the fact that u put a cherry on top when i have u cheered!

The future, the present and the past,
i'll make sure that you're my best friend til the last...


This reminds me of anum and haziq about how much they love their friend,
which includes me in it,

so here i am,
the some part of the song up there,
goes to u tooo,
ur my friends,
my true friends.
&& i'll always lovee u til the end!

thanks for brighten up my life;


7:43 AM

btww, happy 16th annniversary mummmy & daddyy! =)
ILYSM no words can explain how much!

7:42 AM

Pieces of Me,

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

One typical ordinary Libran who;
Enjoys life to its fullest,
Expects things to work out smoothly her way,
Has Spent life as a Shopa&Choca-holic.
Has no control over her bad-temper-ness,
May look arrogant on the outside but,
Very sensitive, soft and pretty inside xP
Is a full time pessimist,
Likes & wants attention from people around,
Others quoted as friendly pampered, Daddy's lil Girl,
Totally dependant..

My Summer Shopping List,

. Least of 2pairs of new shades,
. New Handbags&Purses,
. Bottles Of new Perfumes,
. Dresses,
. More Skinnies,
. Shoes, shoes, shoes,
. Accessories,
. Friends' Bday gifts,
. Brand-new TouchScreen Phone,
. Latest design of laptop,
. iPod,
. A cute boy's heart. <3

Best Friends For Life;

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us




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