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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maybe its true,
Im caught up on you,
Maybe there's a chance your stuck on me too,
So maybe im wrong,
Its all in my head,
Maybe we're afraid of words we both haven't said.

Oh dear,
I'm having instincts that he's actually likin me,
but trust me,
this time,
i dun really wanna fall for it,
u wanna noe why?
cuz this myt be the 3rd perhaps 4th times.

Due to all the failures i'd been through lotsa time,
it's real hard for me to stand up for this,
tho people are sayin the so called 'instinct' of mine,
after all, IS TRUE.

I may hav feelin for him a bit.
But i wud never let that 'bit' increase to 'much'.
in sowhatever the case,
who i am?

I may be deeply fall for him,
but that's never gonna happen,
until and unless,
he's gonna tell me,
that he really does.

I may be -hate him,
but i wont let it be that way,
cuz i appreciate friendships,
that's the reason why i'm keeping quite,
even if my life is miserable for the reason of the 'bamboozle'.

so, yes,
I'm Trapped!
In a maze that has got no exits.
The password to get out is,
YES or a NO,

But when and how?
i never noe. x(

who cares bout all those?

today's quite a busy day for me,
got 100 practical ITquestions to be submitted tomorrow.
5 graphs work for maths,

I miss Mrs Tamanna. =(
The new teacher [physics]
wasnt as good as her.
she's really slow && strict,
unlike u Miss,
we all want u back,
hope ur gonna get better,
after 4months preggie or s'thing,
so u cud cum back and see us havin IG! =)

I'm still wonderin why am i writin blog?
eventho i have tonnes of hw to be done?
release the tense perhaps,

too young for me to be soo stressed up.
but that's what actually's happening these days.

so u noe,
isnt that easy neways.

Targetting at least 6A*s and 3As for Igcse~

lots to tell,
dunno where to start and where to ends,

last nyt,
i was talkin to my parents [only 3ofus]

Me; Daddy, I neeed a new phone.
Daddy; i dun get it, do u really need one?
Mummy; I've been telling her what's the point of having new one.
Daddy; True, instead of that u can ask for jewelleries or sumthing.
Me; I asked mum to get me a watch for my bday present but she was thinking too much about it.
Daddy; wrong person, u shud've come to me and ask from me!
Mummy; remember we got her 200$ watch last time? she lost that. that's why i was thinkin thrice.
Me; that wasnt my fault, it cant be used, it says water resistant but when i went swimming, it got reall crapped out!
Daddy; no wonder! that was a cheap one!
Daddy; no worries, i'll buy one for you.
Me; Hugs, thankss. make sure it's not a circle typa. i like rectangle on me! =)

it's kinda weird when it cums to shoppin,
ilike it better with my dad,
haha, xD

that's it for now,
gotta continue with my hwss! =)

so later,

9:15 AM

Friday, October 10, 2008

People always say,
The moment they looked into other's eyes for the first time,
They believed of love at first sight,
They no more down to earth so called,
Though they used to be one.

Sumtimes It makes people flyin in the sky,
can either drives people go wild,
never been enough with that,
perhaps, suicide may also be the glitch.

What IS love?

Is it pleasurable,
or is it just a waste of time?
is it a wonderland?
or is it a puzzled territory?

Beyond the fun,
the journey of uncertainties begin.

Guys never understand girls,
And girls never wud figure out guys,
but how && why?
At the end,
They will all get along?

That's the reason why we call it life,
the paths will never be straight,
but not always curved.

Thoughts of my life x)
will be posted more sooner or later!


10:34 AM

Sunday, October 5, 2008

today's the most tiring day ever!
Havent recovered the exhaustment since first day raya!
Penat gile ohh! Cam nk demam!
Now, stuck with cold!
No way i can get better with it in a month! aggh!

There was sumhow,
A S.U.R.P.R.I.S.E!! =)
&& yep, for me! Yay ME!
They still called me Birthday Girl,
Tho my birthday was like 1week+ ago.
But they were celebratin today since mine was friday && in Fastin Month.

Lemme Tell Y’all!
The partay was perfect,
the only thing i hate was i'd eaten for like 2000+ calories! Oh crap!
E'thing was there,
My fav drink [Mountain Dew]; A cake [aww]; Kebab [Amazing homemade!] Chocss,
&& of course not to forget Dunkin donutss! [Yummiee]

Thanks Y'all,
I will <3>

· Sulaima.
· Celeste.
· Sabrina.
· Meera.
· Hurain.
· Zarnab.
· && Hina who involved in arrangement but was absent! =[

mwahhz! Friends Always && Forever! <3

Thanks to anum too! for getting me Escada perfume! =)
I Love it! xD

6:25 AM

Friday, October 3, 2008

u guys must be wonderin.
with who?!

Haha, x de sape pown.
just a start. the way i want my relationship to be =)
In case, klu ada btol, let the guy noes how i want it to work.

So, there it goes.
I rule every thing happened in my life,
NO one, Not even for a sec cud change the way it is.

Rule 1;
Prove that u are the only one meant for me.

Rule 2;
Tell me How much you love me.

Rule 3;
Appreciate the way I am.

Rule 4;
Promise to be there whenever i need you.

Rule 5;
Accept the fact that e'thing happened in my life,
My Beloved mummy noes. Even about you.

Rule 6;
If in any case, we break up,
promise me that we can still be friends.
cuz i appreciate friendships.

Not that bad aite?

enuff now,

11:30 AM

Yep,so true.
Life's being filled with confusion all around.

I first saw this guy last year raya, on first day.
and I have to admit, he did look hot.
time passed by and we started to noe each other more && more.
But Why?
I never fall for him, not even a sec.
Meet without talkin, See without smiling?
weird aint it?

For months actually one of my sibs said that he looked like he likes me,
but believe me, i never fall for her words.
all i noe was all that was some imagination in hers.
or perhaps she's gone a bit 'crazy'.yep, those were my thoughts.

The creepiest thing,
happened last few days,
is it true?wat people thought?
cuz everyone thought so,
even my dearest mummy?
oh god,

All i'm askin for is ryt now,
If He Actually Does Like me,
Can he just let it out?
Cuz i cant stand living life like this,
surrounded with uncertainties.

Guy oh dear,
If you are, let me noe,
I'll accept you in any ways,

Even if u dont,
U can tell me so,cuz this isnt the way i wanna lead my life,
in bewilderness side, NOPE,
not that way.


P/s;I have decided in my life,
I wud think thrice and wud try accepting guy likin me,Eventho i have not a teensy witzy feelin to him,&& yes, It's true.Cause i Believed what my mom said. =]

that's it for now,
frinaxo =]

11:25 AM

Pieces of Me,

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

One typical ordinary Libran who;
Enjoys life to its fullest,
Expects things to work out smoothly her way,
Has Spent life as a Shopa&Choca-holic.
Has no control over her bad-temper-ness,
May look arrogant on the outside but,
Very sensitive, soft and pretty inside xP
Is a full time pessimist,
Likes & wants attention from people around,
Others quoted as friendly pampered, Daddy's lil Girl,
Totally dependant..

My Summer Shopping List,

. Least of 2pairs of new shades,
. New Handbags&Purses,
. Bottles Of new Perfumes,
. Dresses,
. More Skinnies,
. Shoes, shoes, shoes,
. Accessories,
. Friends' Bday gifts,
. Brand-new TouchScreen Phone,
. Latest design of laptop,
. iPod,
. A cute boy's heart. <3

Best Friends For Life;

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us




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