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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Leaf, New Mysteries, New Ventures, New Ecstasy, New Hope, New Puzzles to Be Solved, New Life, New Resolutions.

Resulting the-New ME!

My 2009 resolutions:
  1. Study hard. Study Smart. IGs targets should be more than 3A*s
  2. Be a better daughter, friends, sister & girlfriend[blush] HAHA!
  3. Dont ever look back , walk out towards the future.
  4. Strict diets - MUST, 25kgs down..
  5. Lessen up amount of time spent for shopping, hang outs etc.
  6. Learn to except things UNacceptable for moi [Not-to-be-Choosy]
  7. Be more helpful.
  8. Enjoy twilight sagas as much as posssible! x)
  9. Be lovable and hope to BE loved.
  10. Provide a shoulder for dearest to cry on..

Okay, i think I'm OUT of ideas. =)

So, tytl!

Hipppy New Year! xD

9:43 PM

Monday, December 29, 2008

its been a long time after my last put ups.
some of my dearies been asking why is this bloggie not updated.
well, i seriously got no answer for that,
for a moment i couldnt even remember having one actually. haha

well, this year's spring break isnt much fun / more appealing than i thought it wud.
but i wudnt be yelling or babbling of how boring it's been. it's a 50-50. vice versa,
i've been coming out with a thought of 'this wud be my LAST holiday til IGs end'
yep, and unbelievably,
i would try sticking up with that.
bet it would be real hard,
caging myself like a bird with restrictions.
or may be jailed like someone who just robbbed a bank.
oh, lifee..
this comes from me, not my parents. haha =]
they're surely the best parents on earth.
very supporting.
so, no wrong thoughts please..

I cant imagine myself, staying at home,
GIVING UP shoppings 'n' family outings 'n' hang outs 'n' movies with certain limitations [strict ones].
haha, why?!
'books huney, u got loads to study unless u wanna fail IG'
gosh sounds st-rresssin!

haha, that's the plan!
i was trying to ENJOY this moment as much as i could.
haha, i went shopping [loads n loads], hang outs few times,
computer n TVs without restrictions from mummy.
and oh yeah,
the least of 2hours of -twilight sagas [starting o' breaking dawn now] before bed =)
with bright light for a few more hang outs.

with this lots of events ongoing and off,
meeting lots of people by time,
tho its usually the same line when people look at me and say;
'ya Allah, ni first daughter u? dah mcm kwn or sisters dgn ibunye.. 17 ke?'
addressed to my parents esp my mum.
ahh gosh!

do i loook thaat OLD!?
this is so messsing with me,
i dunno why m takin it to heart.
some research even says;
when ur young but look older at the age of 14-19, that means ur smart enuff to handle life on ur own, the-so-called-older proves that ur matured. wise and truely advised yourself.
haha, yea ryt!
but even my dad said that too!
sigh.. again.. lifeee..

haha fyd,
i'm so up with that 3-months-diet! again.
think that would lessen people saying i look older than i was supposeed to!

this year isnt bad at all.
or maybe i just would wanna get rid of all the bad parts. haha
nothing meant more to make my life easier and happy~
my family & friends,
the sun and the air.
the ones who provide light for me to survive and escape darkness,
and oxygen for me to breathe.
joyfully, thanking them for making a year of my existence on earth a tremendous flash!


We'd spent lots of fantastic time together,
not to mention that i'm surely looking forward for more exciting adventures with you loved ones.
I love you SO much !

and yes,
something full with unexpected articles.
plus I would be away from my beloved less than 7mths from now..
new year, new leaf.
need widen the perception of expectation lines, expecting the unexpected.
haha. cant wait. but really scared..

cant delay the instant o'2009,
hopefully, it would make a record for one of the best year I've ever lived in.
the adventures, the fun, the mistics, the msteries, the-getting-older.
haha, just cant wait.

oh welcome dear 2009.
beeen waiting for u, hope u've planned big success for moi!
yes, big success is surely what i need most this year.
and hope i'll get the blesssings from God.

have got no idea when will be my next post,
but surely will try come up with something soon .
or later..

till then,

9:07 AM

Pieces of Me,

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One typical ordinary Libran who;
Enjoys life to its fullest,
Expects things to work out smoothly her way,
Has Spent life as a Shopa&Choca-holic.
Has no control over her bad-temper-ness,
May look arrogant on the outside but,
Very sensitive, soft and pretty inside xP
Is a full time pessimist,
Likes & wants attention from people around,
Others quoted as friendly pampered, Daddy's lil Girl,
Totally dependant..

My Summer Shopping List,

. Least of 2pairs of new shades,
. New Handbags&Purses,
. Bottles Of new Perfumes,
. Dresses,
. More Skinnies,
. Shoes, shoes, shoes,
. Accessories,
. Friends' Bday gifts,
. Brand-new TouchScreen Phone,
. Latest design of laptop,
. iPod,
. A cute boy's heart. <3

Best Friends For Life;

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