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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A lil updates,

So this is my story,
I am only turning 17 in few days time, & I am currently doing a foundation programme in Unisel directly after finishing my O'Level in Dubai.

Lots have changed since I started living my life back in my homecountry, Malaysia, almost a year ago .
Lots that are missed . Lots that are lost .
No more beaute sleep . No more sleeping at 9pm at night .
No more being a serious case of a shopaholic .
I've gotten myself horrible black eyebags , which is euww .
The mosquitoes all love me , & so my feet look ugly .
The changing of weather made my face worsened .
Gained tonnes of kg , is seriously a stressful thing .
I miss Sulaima Taji, so very much ! :(
& I just wonder what could actually make my day ?

I used to be this girl who would only boss around and knew nothing else except giving commands.
Doing house chores, isn't something I'd like to do . Cooking & baking is excluded though .
All the tidying, the cleaning, washing, ironing of my things& properties would be done by our maid.
& that was the main reason why my parents wudnt let me go abroad .
'You are still young and quite dependant'.
I didnt quite agree with that at first .

But then I realized, 'Well, no wonder my parents didnt let me go abroad . Look at your attitudes and guts of commanding' .
I then managed to make some changes . Tho there are quite a lot of other things that I'm still lacking.
But hey , at least Im trying my best here to make a change for a better :]

4:53 AM

Back to the zero .

Woah, Oh my god !
Seriously, a year plus had passed since I last posted some stories ?
Ah, how quick time flies..
I almost forgot that I actually HAVE a blog !

So i guess ill restart from the bottom .
There are definitely lots to be updated .
A year plus is quite a long time for a pretty long story .

Oh Bloggie, please dont be mad at me,
Ill surely try my best to keep you up-to-date with my crazy stories next tyme! [:
Heee ;)

4:23 AM

Pieces of Me,

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

One typical ordinary Libran who;
Enjoys life to its fullest,
Expects things to work out smoothly her way,
Has Spent life as a Shopa&Choca-holic.
Has no control over her bad-temper-ness,
May look arrogant on the outside but,
Very sensitive, soft and pretty inside xP
Is a full time pessimist,
Likes & wants attention from people around,
Others quoted as friendly pampered, Daddy's lil Girl,
Totally dependant..

My Summer Shopping List,

. Least of 2pairs of new shades,
. New Handbags&Purses,
. Bottles Of new Perfumes,
. Dresses,
. More Skinnies,
. Shoes, shoes, shoes,
. Accessories,
. Friends' Bday gifts,
. Brand-new TouchScreen Phone,
. Latest design of laptop,
. iPod,
. A cute boy's heart. <3

Best Friends For Life;

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us




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